Choice Pharmacy understands that a new baby is one of the most precious gifts in the world and we are committed to offering you the best service to help you care for and nurture your children through all stages of their development and growth. 

On that special day that you bring your newborn baby home from hospital, life as you know it changes forever. Becoming a parent is a big adjustment! There's no one-size-fits all formula for parenting. But having an online resource of information and practical advice can help support you through this life-changing event, and help you work out what suits you and your family. 

Where to start with newborn baby care? 

Choice Pharmacy has developed a collection of exclusive brochures to help support parents care for their babies and infants. Whether it's how to treat nappy rash, managing fussy eaters, or sleep and settling techniques, Choice Pharmacy offer a range of brochures that provide  practical advice on how to keep your child safe, happy and healthy. Choice Pharmacy also provide free weigh-in services for your baby.