Child Safety

It can happen in a split second, changing the life of your child and your family forever. Most accidents to children under five take place in their own home. Common childhood injuries are drowning, suffocation, burns and scalds, falls, poisoning and electrocution.

But don't despair! With awareness and simple action you can prevent most household accidents. Childproofing your house and yard is the best way to protect your children from injury.

Your childproofing strategy

The thought of trying to make your whole house childproof can be daunting, so it's best to look at each room individually. Get down low and view the environment from a child's height and perspective.

Step 1: Identify any dangers.

Step 2: Decide how to deal with them.

Step 3: Implement the changes, A.S.A.P!

Room by room - In the kitchen

The kitchen is a high danger area. The safest way to cook is with your children in view, but well away from the cooking area. You might want to think about installing a half door (open top, closed bottom) or child safety gates. Otherwise, put your child in a playpen or a high chair nearby.