Sports Injuries

Sports are a great way to get fit, have fun and make some friends. Keeping active is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We don’t usually think of sports as being dangerous. But it’s important to remember that whenever you play sport, you’re at risk of getting injured. This is true whether you’re rollerblading in the park, walking around the block or working out at the local gym.

If you’re active, and play a lot of sport, then chances are you’ve already had a few sporting injuries. Later in this booklet we’ll be talking about the different types of sports injuries and how to treat them. But when it comes to sports injuries, prevention is always the best, and least painful, way to go. Let’s talk about how this can be done first.

Playing it safe - some handy tips to follow

By following a few simple common sense rules, you can reduce your risk of getting a sports injury. According to Leuko’s Sports Injury Management Program, about 30-50% of injuries can be prevented. Here are a few good tips:

Drink up

Drink enough fluid before starting out to hydrate the body - and keep on drinking! You should drink about 200-300ml every 15-20 minutes depending of how hot it is and the intensity of the sport. Water is great, but even better is a sports drink, because it’s full of essential electrolytes.