Bottle Feeding

The decision to bottle feed is a very individual and personal one. Sometimes breastfeeding isn't possible, successful, or mothers might simply choose to bottle feed their baby. All parents want the very best for their children and good nutrition is the most important factor early in life. Infant formula is the only suitable alternative to breastmilk for infants under 12 months of age.

Cow, goat, rice or adult soy milk aren't recommended to be given as a milk drink before children are 12 months old. They

all lack the essential iron, vitamins and minerals vital to a young baby's growth and development.

Choosing a formula

There are lots of different types and brands of infant formula available. They all vary slightly in their source, fat content, proteins, nutrients, iron and whey to casein ratio, but because all infant formulas have to comply with the Australian Food

Standards code, they're all acceptable milk for healthy infants.

In order to imitate breast milk as closely as possible, infant formulas are always being changed and modified according to research.

Most infant formulas come from cows milk. There are also quite a few specialist formulas available, like Infant Goat and Soy Formula, Lactose Free Formula, Anti Reflux Formula (A.R.), and other various formulas prescribed by medical practitioners.

Once you start with a formula, it's best to stick with it if your baby's happy and content. A lot of swapping around

can upset your baby. If you're having problems with a formula or feeds, ask your doctor, child and family health nurse or our pharmacist for advice.