Back Pain


Back pain is so common that eight out of ten of us will have it at some time in our lives. After headaches and colds, it’s the most likely reason for time off work. Luckily most back pain is caused by minor problems and
usually improves within a few weeks. 
When most people injure their back, they usually want nothing better than to lie down and rest it - but this is actually the worst thing you can do. Health experts now say you’ll recover faster if you try to keep up your normal daily activities (as long as this doesn’t involve heavy lifting or anything too strenuous), 
and take painkillers to help cope with the pain.
What causes back pain?
Your back is a finely tuned network of bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves. All work together to balance and bear the weight of your body and the loads you carry. Your spine has a series of curves - in your neck, upper back and lower back. These curves help absorb the impact of day-today living.
A lot of things can contribute to lower back pain, like poor muscle tone, excess weight (particularly around your stomach) and heavy lifting. Bad posture and sitting or standing in one position for a long time also puts extra stress on your back.