Bach Flower Remedies


We all have our negative thoughts. There's that horrible, depressed feeling a lot of us get on Monday morning.

Or the nervous anxiety you feel before speaking in public. And what about the feeling of dread you get going to the dentist? For a lot of us, these feelings are just something we have to deal with. But what would you say if there was a natural way to calm these emotions?

This is what Bach Flowers do. Bach remedies are made from the essence of wild flowers. There are 38 different types and each responds to a specific negative emotion. Bach Flowers follow the philosophy that a healthy mind makes a healthy body. They're supported by recent research linking our emotions and immune system - showing a relationship between emotional and physical health. But Bach remedies aren't a recent discovery.

They were developed in the 1930s by an English physician, Dr Edward Bach. Dr Bach was a well-known pathologist, immunologist and bacteriologist. 

How they work

Bach Flowers work by treating a specific personality trait, or emotional state, rather than healing a physical symptom or condition. This means, for example, that you won't find a Bach remedy for asthma. But if you think that it could be stress that's causing your asthma, there are Bach remedies which may help you.The key to using Bach remedies is to think about yourself as a person and how you're feeling.

You can take Bach remedies individually for a specific emotion, or mix them together to match the way you feel.

Because Bach remedies work on your nervous system, they can be quite effective on healing living tissue.

Some people use them for healing bruises or skin conditions. Bach Flowers are safe for children and pregnant women to use and have also been known to benefit family pets!