We all feel tired sometimes - especially these days because we seem to be constantly rushing around
between work, family and social engagements. But anaemia is more than just feeling worn out occasionally.
It’s said that people who have anaemia have tired blood. That’s because anaemia - a condition where there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry enough oxygen to your tissues can make you feel tired pretty much all the time.
The main reasons people become anaemic are through a lack of iron or a vitamin deficiency.
But there are a lot of different types of anaemia, all with their own causes. Things like blood loss, a chronic illness or a genetic defect can all contribute to anaemia.
Anaemia is a pretty common problem for women, it’s estimated that 20% of menstruating women and 50% of
pregnant women are anaemic. Children can get anaemia too, because their body needs lots of iron while it’s growing.
The good news is that if your anaemia is caused by a nutritional deficiency it can usually be cured by paying some
extra attention to your diet, and with a little help from iron and vitamin supplements.
How can I tell if I’m anaemic?
The symptoms of anaemia are generally quite similar for all types of anaemia. The main sign is feeling tired. Other things to look for include:
- Feeling weak
- Pale skin. This also includes a lack of pinkness in your lips, gums
- eyelid linings, nail beds and palms
- A rapid heartbeat
- Shortness of breath
- Chest pains
- Feeling dizzy
- Feeling irritable
- Numbness or coldness in your hands and feet
- Getting frequent headaches