Skincare for Men

Discover your skin

Men's skin is different from women's. But that doesn't mean it needs any less taking care of. These days men are becoming more conscious of the need to look after their skin, and are discovering how good healthy skin can feel. The days of a quick flick of the razor, a little soap and a generic shampoo are over.

Full skin care lines specially geared to care for male skin are now available.

But if you're a male who enjoys simplicity, it doesn't mean that your basic skincare routine has to become a whole lot more complicated, or expensive. This brochure will give you some practical ideas on how you can care for your skin and take advantage of the new types of men's skincare products now on the market.

Let's start with some shaving tips:

For the best shave When it comes to shaving, most men tend to stick to their own ritual, but here are some suggestions that should make the experience more pleasant and effective for you.

- Have a shower first. This will give your skin and beard time to hydrate and relax, making it softer and easier to shave. The shower will also help open up your pores for a closer shave.

- Use a cleanser. If you don't have time for a shower, then a cleanser rinsed off with warm water will also work to soften your skin and beard. In general, men's skin produces more oil and gets dirtier than women's, so cleansing should be a part of your daily routine anyway.

- Electric shaving is a fast option, but a wet shave still gives the smoothest results.

- Shaving foams need at least one minute to be absorbed into the skin, creams and lotions work faster.

- Splash your face with warm water until all the shaving cream and hairs have been rinsed away. Shave once more if you need to, but don't shave against your hair growth, this will give you a rash.