Normal Skin

If you answer yes to most of the questions below, you have normal skin.

- Is your skin comfortable without any dryness or excess oil?

- Does your skin always feel fine after you wash it, not too tight or shiny?

- Does your skin feel smooth?

- Does it have an even tone?

- Are your pores mostly unclogged and invisible?

- Does your skin have an overall natural glow?

Treasure your skin

It's actually pretty rare to have a truly 'normal' skin type. So if you're one of the lucky ones with a perfect complexion, don't take it for granted. You still need to put in a little effort to make it look good! Unless your skin is cleansed every night, it will start to look dull, lifeless and become more prone to spots and blackheads from clogged pores.

But caring for your skin doesn't have to be hard work. A few simple products and about five minutes a day is all you need.

How to do it!

This will help to explain what you need, how to use it and why you need it.

A cleanser

With normal skin it's your choice. Foaming cleansers are good because they're fresh, light and break up oil easily. But if they leave your skin too tight, milk cleansers will have a gentler feel.

A good cleanser will get rid of any dirt, grime, make-up and excess oil from your skin.

A toner

A gentle toner which is alcohol free. A toner will remove the last traces of cleanser left on your skin, balance its pH level and prepare it to accept a moisturiser.