Dry Skin

If you answer yes to most of the questions below, you have dry skin.

- Does your skin sometimes feel tight?

- Is your skin dry and flaky?

- Does your skin feel rough, parched or uncomfortable?

- Does your skin often look dull?

- Is your skin prone to fine lines and wrinkles?

Control it better

Dry skin usually looks fine textured and attractive when it's young and well looked after. It's the type of skin which always seems to sail through puberty with the least amount of pimples. But, given the chance, dry skin can easily flake, chap, feel tight and become fragile.

Dry skin is also an early ager, prone to premature surface lines unless it's well moisturised and protected from dry or severe weather. Caring for dry skin doesn't have to be hard work though. A few simple products and about five minutes a day is all you need.

How to do it!

This will help to explain what you need, how to use it and why you need it.

A cleanser

A cream or milk cleanser. These are gentle on your skin, and will cleanse it without leaving it feeling tight. A good cleanser will get rid of any dirt, grime and make-up that's on your skin.

A toner

A gentle, alcohol free toner. This will remove the last traces of cleanser left on your skin, balance its pH level and prepare your skin for moisturising.

A moisturiser

Look for enriching, nourishing moisturisers which say they're suitable for dry skin. Dry skin needs to be moisturised twice a day, after you cleanse and tone, to keep it from becoming de-hydrated and flaky.