Combination Skin


Combination skin can change with age, and other things, like the seasons, environment and hormonal fluctuations. Assessing your skin type regularly is a good idea.

Dealing with combination skin?

Combination skin can seem like one of the trickiest skin types to have because it makes your skin behave in two completely opposite ways - oily and dry!

But while it might feel like you're the only one trying to manage your skin under such contradictory conditions, combination skin is actually the most common skin type for young people. As such, there are loads of products on the market designed to cope with the demands of combination skin. Managing your skin type to have healthy, beautiful skin is possible!

How to do it!

This will help to explain what you need, how to use it and why you need it.

A cleanser

Gentle cleansers which say they're suitable for combination skin. A deep-pore cleanser will help keep the oily T-zone clear. A good cleanser will get rid of all the dirt, grime, make-up and excess oil from your skin.